Export Enterprise PDM BOM to Excel

In Enterprise PDM, out of the box, there is one option to export BOM to excel. That is “Open as a CSV file” option in Bill of Materials section. That is simple and good but does not have many options. Consider a case where we want to export a cut list BOM for manufacturing and a purchase BOM for purchasing department. This is not supported using the out of the box option. It does not also support option for exporting assembly attributes as header. Exporting assembly attributes is really useful for having a quick glimpse of assembly information whose Bill of Materials is being exported. To overcome this problem we at ProNor has developed an add-in to export Bill of Materials to excel file. Below is an example BOM.


When we export a csv file, it looks like this


This one is probably not suitable to share with other people. To make it ready to send to others a lot of time is required.

Using the add-in developed by us one can export BOM as shown below

Below is the purchase BOM. Ready to be sent to Purchasing department. This contains part list with “MakeOrBuy” column value “Buy” from above seen Enterprise PDM BOM


Below is the manufacturing BOM. Ready to be sent to shop floor. This contains part list with “MakeOrBuy” column value “Make” from above seen Enterprise PDM BOM


Header rows seen in above reports can be fully customized to fit requirement. By default this add-in exports only parts that are present in Bill of Materials. But it is also possible to export sub assemblies to rows.This is useful in some cases, for example, when a whole sub assembly is purchased. Then we can simply export the sub assembly to the list instead of its sub components.

For more details regarding this add-in contact support@pronor.com

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