Automate your designs with DriveWorks

DriveWorksAuthorizedResellerLogoAs some of you may already know, ProNor is an official DriveWorks reseller and we have two DriveWorks Pro certified technicians ready to help you get more productive with your designs in SOLIDWORKS.

Are you designing the same, but different every day? Then DriveWorks is made for you. With DriveWorks you are able to automate the creation of 3D models, drawings and sales quotes with ease. There are also more advanced possibilities like online configurators where your customers can design their own product.

The company behind DriveWorks really wants you to be successful, and they have tons of great learning material available for free. ProNor shares this same thought and we have seen what the software is capable of. Let us help you get more time to innovate and design by using DriveWorks to automate repetitive tasks.

Many designs can be controlled to a certain extent with equations, configurations and in-context relations, but these can be both difficult to set up or manage. Did you know that you already have the entry level of DriveWorks included in your SOLIDWORKS license? DriveWorks Xpress can automate your 3D models and drawings. The process is always three steps:

1. Capture models (click on pictures for larger version)

DriveWorks Capture 2






2. Create a form
DriveWorks Form








3. Create rules

DriveWorks rules








This workflow saves all the intelligence inside the project and not the CAD files. The form is easier to understand and work with than mates, relations and equations. And of course, building the project is a one time job and can be used by different users.

DriveWorks Xpress is integrated in SOLIDWORKS only. DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro includes a stand-alone application which makes editing and creating forms and rules even easier, as well as added functionality. If you ever need more than DriveWorks Xpress it is an easy upgrade path to Solo or Pro and you will not lose your projects in the process.

I encourage anyone who find DriveWorks interesting to head over to the official DriveWorks website for some great “How-to” videos and other learning material and a more in-depth comparison of all the DriveWorks versions: Official DriveWorks Website (opens in a new tab) – You will also find DriveWorks Xpress sample projects you can download and run on your machine. DriveWorks is a gold certified SOLIDWORKS partner which means the software will always be compatible and up to date.

In later versions of SOLIDWORKS you will be asked for an activation code when first starting DriveWorks Xpress. There is a link in the same windows which leads to Follow this link, log in or create an account for free and you should get this code instantly.

If there are any questions about the software or if you want a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call our support or sales department. If you don’t have the time to build the project yourself, we have the knowledge needed to help you build it. Contact us for an offer.


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