ProNor Office to PDF

ProNor office to PDF is an addin developed by ProNor to make it easy to automate printing of PDF from office files

Addin supports following functionality:

  1. Exports PDF from Word, Excel,Powerpoint and Visio files
  2. Supports execution of task during transition
  3. Supports creation or right click menu command
  4. Provides various options to create output file name from datacard variables and 3 functions( substring, length and find)
  5. Supports copying of chosen variables from source file to pdf file
  6. If variable values in source file are empty then there is possibility to specify default values
  7. Free string values can also be assigned to created pdf file
  8. Supports updating word file before creating pdf so that if any variables are used in word file they will also be updated

How to set it up add-in?

  1. Install add-in
  2. Add task







Create required output file using available options


Examples of output paths are

  • <FolderPath>\PDF\<FileName>-[Revision]-[Description]. In this example, pdf file will be created in a folder named PDF inside source file folder and its name will be source filename-revision-description. Revision and description are taken from source file data card
  • <FolderPath>\PDF\#funcsubstr(<FileName>,0,#funcfind(<FileName>,com))mdf#funcsubstr(<FileName>,#funcfind(<FileName>,com)+3) – This example replaces first occurrence of word “com” with word “mdf” and creates pdf file in subfolder named “PDF”
  • <FolderPath>\PDF\#funcreplace(<FileName>,bom,mdf) ) – This example replaces all occurrence2 of word “com” with word “mdf” and creates pdf file in subfolder named “PDF”
  1. Select if save word has to be updated and saved before generating a pdf file. This option is useful if word file uses custom properties as fields inside word document
  2. Specify log file location to save log file. If specified log file location is inside vault then log file is automatically checked in. If log file location is not specified then default log file is created in “TEMP” folder.
  3. Specify variable mapping



With variable mapping one can specify which variable values need to be copied from source file to target file. One can also specify free text as target variable value and specify default value in case of source value is empty

Click “Ok” after all settings are done. After this, task can be added to workflow transition and is available in right click menu



After task is added to transition, PDF is automatically created for word files during transition

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2 Responses to ProNor Office to PDF

  1. Torbjørn Helland Solhaug says:

    Cool! Have you check the accessibility of the resulting PDF? In Word you can Save As PDF, and under Alternatives you can check for creating tags. This will enable users with assistive technology to make use of the content, as long as the Word original is formatted using styles for headings etc.

    • haripronor says:

      Are you saying about “Document Structure Tags” in “Options”? If it is that then yes. I am creating pdf file with that option checked

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