How to download your Campus license

To access downloads, enter SolidWorks Customer Portal as described in our introduction video.

Make sure you use the  SolidWorks Educational Edition serial number, which can be found on your license notification received from ProNor AS. It will not work with the Student Access serial number!

Also make sure that you both use the number to create the account, and also connect the account to the serial at the end.

When the registration succeeded you will see a page looking like this when you log on to SolidWorks Customer Portal:

Click “Downloads and Updates” as shown in the image to get to the download site.


The latest Version avaliable for educational licenses is one year behind the Commercial, at the moment of me writing this it is SolidWorks 2010 SP 5.0. Select the latest Service Pack and click the link to the version you wish to download, 32 or 64 bit.

You will be asked to approve the license agreement and then a rather small download will start. This is to download “SolidWorks Installation Manager”. When download is complete, the files will be unzipped and the installation manager will start.

The first step is to select what you want to do, you will get three options:

  1. Individual Installation: This is the option to be selected by the students when they install the Student Access on their machines.
  2. Install server products or create administrative image: This option is to be used when performing the network installation.
  3. Download only: Select this option for now to get a complete installation file set. This is needed in order for the students to get easy access to the installation files, and also recommended before installing in the on-site workstations.

The next step is to enter the serial number. Similar to the customer portal registration you are supposed to use the SolidWorks Education Edition serial number to be able to download.

Click next to continue the process, the next few steps before the download starts is really simple to follow according to the instructions on the screen, make sure to download to an easy accesible location.

For tips and tricks regarding installation in general, we have a Norwegian summary.

About Sebastian Bengtsson

Application Engineer - ProNor AS, BSc Innovation Engineering, Certified SolidWorks Professional
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